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   She left the web, she left the loom;
   She made three paces thro' the room,
   She saw the water-lily bloom,
   She saw the helmet and the plume,
   She look'd down to Camelot.
   Out flew the web and floated wide;
   The mirror crack'd from side to side;
   "The curse is come upon me," cried
   The Lady of Shalott.
                                       Lord Alfred Tennyson "The Lady of Shalott"

"All love is unrequited." - Susan Ivanova

I don't know why I love tragedies/tragic romance so much, but I do.

tick tick.... boom

On a scale from kittens and rainbows to the Apocalypse, how would we classify quoting a song lyric on a college essay? Even with proper credit... Gods. I'm losing my mind.

Will someone build a time machine for me, so I can go to five days from today!?



The Special Hell

I hate it when people do nice things for me. Be it for some random reason, or for no reason at all. It always guilts me into doing nice things back to them.

Those who know me, really know me, know that just want to live my life in relative peace and quiet. That I'm set in my ways and do not cope well with changing my plans. And also that I have a hard time saying no. So yeah, I get pissed when you hijack my day, my sweet sweet day during which I planned too go home and do absolutely nothing until it's 4 AM and I need to drop dead in my bed. I get pissed at myself too, because I know I should say no, not today, but I can't bring myself to say the words.

And sometimes I think I'm just a bad, terrible person, who doesn't like people, and doing nice things for people, and because the highlight of last week for me was saying no to you (even though you were nervous and depressed and CRYING).

Writer's Block: 9/11

I was home, playing monopoly with my sister and one of our friends. At first, I actually thought the TV was showing some movie...
Where were you?

So hypnotizing...!



So... today I handled white glue, grey molding paste and orange/red-ish painted stuff.

Why the hell are there GREEN paintchips in my mouth!?

Also, stupid mosquitos keep nibling on me! ;_;

Writer's Block: Mother Monster returns

In three words, how would you describe Lady Gaga?

Hotter, americanized Bjork.

Yeah, I like her sound, but her style and quirkiness reminds me so much of Bjork!

What the Hell!!

My lj theme is gone! ;_;

I know I haven't been here as much as usual, but this is not a fair punisment.....

*cries* I want my K-actors baaaaaack...!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: A five-star location

What is the most beautiful destination in your city?
Well, here in Évora (where I study) the best place to visit is the Roman Temple, for the Goddess Diana.

Templo Diana Évora

Back home though, my village's most beautiful location has to be the beach.

Praia S. Pedro Estoril

Writer's Block: Do you remember?

What is your earliest memory?

Being about 3 or 4 years old. I was still in my old house, but my sister hadn't been born yet. I watched 'The Simpsons' on TV - first season . I still remember the couch and the room layout. It's the only thing I remember from my childhood... Well that and the sheep that sometimes ate my mom's plants in the backyard.

(I don't know if that's sad or totally epic... ^__^)